Future =)

Salam semua , hehe .
Lamak sik update blog tok ehh . rindu rasa nya . wahh =)
Oklah . Now I want to start my writing .
Here I come =)
Okay now I'm going to start it ,
Bismillahirahmannirahim .
How many days I'm in kuching . Now I'm in Sri Aman .
Go back home today .
I arrived 12.45pm . afternoon already .
I already eat .
I feel headache now .
I don't know why .
But it doesn't a problem for me .

Okay now I want to tell what I want to write or saying =)
I really2 want all my dreams became truth .
I want what I want become true .
but , my family never give me support .
I always sad when people say I'm not a clever person .
I have a beautiful face but don't know about knowledge .
Really2 sad heard it .
In my life , I always think that I can get straight A
but , I study smart and work hard it still I can't get it .
How I can get the A want ?
My mom always make me sad and cry .
because she tell me that I not clever at all not like my sister .
My sister is a clever and intelligent person .
but me , no . I'm idiot person .
I always say that I cannot give up . I must be stronger .
In my dreams I was thinking I wanna life by my own .
No need helping .
I really2 sad .
Why I always get FAILED in EXAM ?
Why this 2 kind of subject always failed .
I really2 work hard for this 2 subject .
SAD ! I'm frust when I my family never give me support and keep tell me STUPID , can't learn anything , Freeze brain , doesn't have mind .
 Till now , I said to my heart , In my life I want to be someone that they never think about . I want to be someone they really2 like . I want to be a kind, intelligent person . I want what I think & what I'm dreams will be truth .
Thanks for read my heart =)