My life happy =)

Salam everybody !
Lamak sik update blog ehhh =)
baruk update baru hehe . rindu ngan blog da juakk =)
mok crita & kongsi2 ehhh .
I'm feel jealous when I see someone have that I doesn't have .
I really2 feel jealous .
I really2 what I want be REALITY !
seriously i want of both be REALITY !
but , why it never be reality ?
What i want only my dream NOT TRUE ! NO BE REAL !
but , what they buy not FROM THEY OWN MONEY right ?
Yeahhh right . They not buy with they own money .
If I already grow up & have a job , I will buy all I want with my own money .
If I buy by own money , I really2 proud of myself because it not from my parents.
I don't want to make them sad because I become big still want to get them money .
So like stupid . Better I found by my own money =)

That all =)