Happy moment with some one that call as my love

Assalammualaikum everyone ! 
Today I going to tell you about my life with my sayangg :D 
Hehe . I'm so glad to have him in my life .
He the one that make my life complete of anything,
He always make me smile when I'm sad .
His the one that I can trusted.
Every moment I spend time with him , it all make me SMILE .
When I'm sick his the one that take care of me . 
When I'm down his the one that make me stand up and FIGHT again .
He always make me never give up of anything I do .
He always make me proud .
He always be the one that I love.
I which him all the best for SPM.
He SPM candidates for this year 2012 .
So I hope he will make a good RESULT for this year . 
I hope he will get A PERFECT RESULT !
I pray for him .
I always remember him whatever I do, I'm busy, I'm eating, I'm sleeping I always make him the one that I remember always .
He makes me happy everyday .
When my eyes in tears he will slap the tears with his finger and tell me that HE LOVE ME SO MUCH .
He always be my precious in my life .
I only want one thing from him , I want him to be my future husband and be father of my child :)
Sweet moment with him I never forget . 
I love him so much .
Our relationship is 4 YEARS 6 MONTHS !!!!!!!!!!!
How great to heard that .
Even we always fighting with doesn't make sense things .
We always be together whatever happen . 
He the one that make my life COMPLETE :)
He give me one song and I love you ( Tuhan Jagakan dia Motif band)
I love this song .
This song make me proud of him and make my eyes tears . But he always be my NUMBER ONE :)
I hope we will get married until die we will together forever . Amin