I Wish To Be

Hey Guys !
Today I Want To Tell About I Wish To Be Someone Special For Him =)
Sometimes I Getting Jealous When See Some Couples Or Married Couples Be Together .
Like This New Happening , Scha Al-Yahya And Awal Ashaari ( Mistake Spelling Please Forgive Me ) Lol . Hehe . Jealous When See They Sweet Moment . Like Awal Melamar Scha Dalam Propanganza Tauuuu . Macam Seluruh Malaysia Dah Tahu Hal Itu . WOW ! That Was A Great Great Great Moment I Never Know !
I Really2 Want it Too . But How ?
I Want To Be Happiness Like They Was .
I Want To Be Smile Everyday With Him When He Beside Me .
He The Only One I Love And I Love Him More Than Words That I Say ^^
This is it .
I Don't Know What I Want To Talk About . So . Setakat ini Sahajalah yer .
=) Byebye Everyone . Good Morning Monday Btw , HATE MONDAY ! -gotoschool -.-'

Time : 5:24am
Date 16/4/2012